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Homeownership Education Campaign Began March 2nd

Lack of information about the homebuying process is one of the biggest barriers to homeownership. VHDA’s Homeownership Education awareness campaign, which launched March 2, is designed to help eliminate that barrier by encouraging first-time homebuyers to take our free Homeownership Education class.

The campaign is designed to reach African American and Hispanic potential first-time homebuyers in the Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia markets. Focus groups from these audiences, along with research provided by our media planner, revealed that both audiences:

  • Are still optimistic about the idea of buying a home.
  • Have some anxiety about the homebuying process.
  • Feel they need more information.

Homeownership Education CampaignVHDA’s campaign will build on first-time homebuyer optimism as it offers the information the audience is looking for. To emphasize the importance of preparing for homeownership, the campaign’s creative concept uses the inspirational metaphor of a track athlete at the starting line. As he stands visualizing the finish line, the clouds behind him take on the shape of a house. Just as the athlete must prepare for a successful race, the first-time homebuyer must also prepare for the biggest investment of a lifetime. For both, proper preparation can mean the difference between disaster — and victory.

Advertisements promoting VHDA’s free homeownership education class will run online, in newspapers, on buses, on radio and TV in Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia. The ads encourage the audience to visit  On the site, visitors will be able to learn about our class (in English or Spanish) and choose to take the class online or in person by registering for classroom training.

The campaign will run through the end of June. 



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