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Single Family Mortgage Loan Information

VHDA can give no assurance that the following information can be used to accurately predict future redemption of bonds by VHDA.

The outstanding balance, delinquency and foreclosure statistics for single family mortgage loans are provided below. Within each source of financing, loans are grouped by loan type, insurer, metropolitan statistical area (MSA), loan origination year, and current credit score. These statistics are updated quarterly as of each March, June, September, and December. Updated numbers are typically posted by the tenth business day after each quarter.

mortgage_loan_descriptions.pdfSingle Family Mortgage Loan Descriptions

Commonwealth Mortgage Bonds

CM_DelForeByInsure.pdfDelinquency and Foreclosure by Insurer
CM_DelForeByMSA.pdfDelinquency and Foreclosure by MSA
CM_DelForeByOrigYear.pdfDelinquency and Foreclosure by Origination Year
CM_LoansByType.pdfLoan Balances by Loan Type
CM_LoansByFICO.pdfLoan Balances by Credit Score and Insurer
CM_DelForeHistory.pdfDelinquency and Foreclosure History

Homeownership Mortgage Bonds

HM_DelForeByInsure.pdfDelinquency and Foreclosure by Insurer
HM_DelForeByMSA.pdfDelinquency and Foreclosure by MSA
HM_DelForeByOrigYear.pdfDelinquency and Foreclosure by Origination Year
HM_LoansByType.pdfLoan Balances by Loan Type
HM_LoansByFICO.pdfLoan Balances by Credit Score and Insurer
HM_DelForeHistory.pdfDelinquency and Foreclosure History

General Purpose Bonds

There are no items to show in this view of the "SF-Mortgage-Loan-Info" document library.

Securitized Loans Sold to Investors

SE_DelForeByInsure.pdfDelinquency and Foreclosure by Insurer
SE_DelForeByMSA.pdfDelinquency and Foreclosure by MSA
SE_DelForeByOrigYear.pdfDelinquency and Foreclosure by Origination Year
SE_DelForeHistory.pdfDeliquency and Foreclosure History
SE_LoansByFICO.pdfLoan Balances by Credit Score and Insurer

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