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Official Statements

Notice and Disclaimer


This website provides access to the electronic version of an offering statement for bonds or other securities of the Virginia Housing Development Authority.

The posting of the offering statement does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy, nor shall there be any sale of, the bonds in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of such jurisdiction. The offering statement spoke as of its date and provided disclosure as of such date regarding the bonds or other securities offered thereby and the security therefore. The offering statement has not been, and will not be, updated, and its availability is not intended as any republication of the information therein subsequent to its original date. In particular, the offering statement will not contain subsequent financial, operating or other information that may be necessary to determine the value of the offered bonds or other securities at any date subsequent to that of the offering statement or information regarding subsequent events affecting the status of such bonds or other securities, such as rating changes, redemptions, defeasances, or document amendments.

The Authority may remove this electronic version of the offering statement from its website at any time.

The electronic version of the offering statement was created in Adobe Portable Document Form (PDF) and you will need Adobe Reader software to read and print it accurately. Using software other than the current Adobe Reader may cause the document that you view or print to differ from the printed offering statement, which constitutes the original and official version of the document. You assume the risk of any such discrepancies, as well as any discrepancies related to communication transmission or other printing problems.

By choosing to download and view this electronic offering statement you (1) agree to not print the offering statement except in its entirety, and (2) acknowledge that you have read and understand this Notice and Disclaimer and that you accept the risks and limitations described herein.

Homeownership Mortgage Bonds

Homeownership_SF_2010_A.pdfHomeownership SF 2010 Series A-Non-AMT
Homeownership_SF_2010_B.pdfHomeownership SF 2010 Series B-Non_AMT
Homeownership_SF_2011_A.pdfHomeownership SF 2011 Series A-Non-AMT
Homeownership_SF_2013_A.pdfHomeownership SF 2013 Series A-Taxable (Pass-Through)
OS HMB 2011 B and 2009 B-4.pdfHomeownership SF 2011 Series B-Non-AMT & 2009 Series B-Non-AMT Subseries B-4

Commonwealth Mortgage Bonds

expand 2021 
Commonwealth_SF_2021_A.pdfCommonwealth SF 2021 Series A RMBS
expand 2020 
Commonwealth_SF_2020_B.pdfCommonwealth SF 2020 Series B RMBS
expand 2019 
expand 2017 
Commonwealth_SF_2017_A.pdfCommonwealth SF 2017 Series-A Taxable (Pass-Through)
expand 2016 
expand 2015 
Commonwealth_SF_2015_A.pdfCommonwealth SF 2015 Series-A Taxable (Pass-Through)
expand 2014 
expand 2013 
Commonwealth_SF_2013_B.pdfCommonwealth SF 2013 Series B-Taxable (Pass-Through)
OS CMB 2013 C Pass Through.pdfCommonwealth SF 2013 Series C-Taxable (Pass Through)
expand 2012 
Commonwealth_SF_2012_C-Stem.pdfCommonwealth SF 2012 Series C-Non-AMT
Commonwealth_SF_2012_C_Stem-3.pdfCommonwealth SF 2012 Series C-Non-AMT, Subseries C-3
Commonwealth_SF_2012_C_Stem-5.pdfCommonwealth SF 2012 Series C-Non-AMT, Subseries C-5
Commonwealth_SF_2012_C_Stem-7.pdfCommonwealth SF 2012 Series C-Non-AMT, Subseries C-7
expand 2008 
Commonwealth_SF_2008_A.pdfCommonwealth SF MBS 2008 A
Commonwealth_SF_2008_C.pdfCommonwealth SF MBS 2008 C
expand 2006 
Commonwealth_SF_MBS_2006A.pdfCommonwealth SF MBS 2006 A
expand 2004 
Commonwealth_SF_MBS_2004-B.pdfCommonwealth SF MBS 2004 B
expand 2003 
expand 2002 
Commonwealth_SF_MBS_2002-E.pdfCommonwealth SF MBS 2002 E

Rental Housing Bonds

expand 2021 
Rental-MF-2021A.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2021 Series A-Taxable
Rental-MF-2021C.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2021 Series C Taxable
Rental-MF-2021E.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2021 Series E Taxable
Rental-MF-2021G.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2021 Series G Taxable
Rental-MF-2021I.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2021 Series I-Non-AMT
Rental-MF-2021K.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2021 Series K-Non-AMT
expand 2020 
Rental-MF-2020B.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2020 Series B-Non-AMT
Rental-MF-2020D.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2020 Series D Taxable
Rental-MF-2020F.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2020 Series F Taxable
Rental-MF-2020H.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2020 Series H Taxable
Rental-MF-2020J.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2020 Series J Taxable
expand 2019 
Rental-MF-2019B.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2019 Seires B-Non-AMT
Rental-MF-2019D.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2019 Series D Taxable
expand 2018 
Rental-MF-2018A.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2018 Series A-Non-AMT
Rental-MF-2018C.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2018 Series C-Non-AMT
Rental-MF-2018E.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2018 Series E-Non-AMT
expand 2017 
Rental-MF-2017B.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2017 Series B-Non-AMT
Rental-MF-2017D.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2017 Series D-Non-AMT
expand 2016 
Rental-MF-2016A.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2016 Series A-Non-AMT
Rental-MF-2016C.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2016 Series C-Non-AMT
expand 2015 
Rental-MF-2015A.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2015 Series A-Non-AMT
Rental-MF-2015C.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2015 Series C-Non-AMT
Rental-MF-2015EF.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2015 Series E-Non-AMT and Series F-Taxable
expand 2014 
Rental-MF-2014B.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2014 Series B-Non-AMT
expand 2013 
Rental-MF-2013AB.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2013 Series AB
Rental-MF-2013D.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2013 Series D Taxable
Rental-MF-2013F.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2013 Series F-Non-AMT
expand 2012 
Rental-MF-2012BC.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2012 Series BC
Rental-MF-2012E.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2012 Series E-Non-AMT
expand 2011 
Rental-MF-2011E.pdfRental Housing Bonds 2011 Series E Taxable