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VHDA Financial Statements

Below are VHDA’s audited annual financial statements and unaudited quarterly financial statements for the current fiscal year. The latest audited annual financial statement is typically posted by the end of each September.  

Annual Statements Audited

Financials6-30-08.pdfFiscal Year Ended 6-30-08
Financials6-30-09.pdfFiscal Year Ended 6-30-09
Financials6-30-10.pdfFiscal Year Ended 6-30-10
Financials6-30-11.pdfFiscal Year Ended 6-30-11
Financials6-30-12.pdfFiscal Year Ended 6-30-12
Financials 6-30-13.pdfFiscal Year Ended 6-30-13
Financials 6-30-14.pdfFiscal Year Ended 6-30-14
Financials 6-30-15.pdfFiscal Year Ended 6-30-15
Financials 6-30-16.pdfFiscal Year Ended 6-30-16
Financials 6-30-17.pdfFiscal Year Ended 6-30-17

Quarterly Statements Unaudited

VHDA FS Qtr 1 Sep 30 FY 2018.pdfFY2018 1st Quarter Financials as of Sep 30, 2017
VHDA FS Qtr 2 Dec 31 FY 2018.pdfFY2018 2nd Quarter Financials as of Dec 31, 2017
VHDA FS Qtr 3 Mar 31 FY 2018.pdfFY2018 3rd Quarter Financials as of Mar 31, 2018


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