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Multifamily Mortgagor/Grantee's Audit Guide

Announcement Regarding Submission of CY 2019 Financial Statements on Virginia Housing Financed Multifamily Properties

Due to business disruptions caused by the COVID-19 virus, the deadline for submitting audited financial statements on the multifamily portfolio has been extended from 3/31/2020 to 4/30/2020.

The entire Guide can be viewed here. Once the document is open, it can be printed in its entirety by clicking the print icon located above the open document.

To find a particular section of the Guide, click one of the links below. You can print individual document sections or forms by clicking the print icon located above the open document.

PDF Icon Notice Regarding Revised Mortgagor/Grantee’s Audit Guide (effective 12/31/19)

PDF Icon Instructions for Electronic Filing of Balance Sheet and Statement of Profit and Loss

Forms (Fillable PDF Forms)

Clicking an individual form link below will take you to the document. You can type information directly on the form. The document will need to be saved into your directory for printing or inclusion in the financial statement. Information can only be typed into the document; the forms cannot be altered in any other way.

031-Audit-Compliance-IC-Ques-Fillable.pdfAudit Compliance and Internal Control Questionnaire
030_Iden_of_Engagement_Auditor_Fillable.pdfIdentification of Engagement Auditor
007_Appendix_A_A_1b_fillable.pdfManagement Agent Certification
006_Appendix_A_A1a_fillable.pdfMortgagor/Grantee Certification
029-Ownership-Entity-Fillable.pdfOwnership Entity
013-Appendix-AA-6-Statement-Cash-Flows-Fillable.pdfStatement of Cash Flows


The individual document sections below can also be printed by clicking on the print icon located above the open document.

016-Appendix-A-A-8-Accounts-Notes-Rcvb.xlsAccounts and Notes Receivable (Other Than From Tenants)
023_Appendix_A_A-8_AP_Other_than_Trade_Creditors.xlsAccounts Payable (Other Than Trade Creditors and Trade Creditors)
015_Appendix_A_A-8_Accrued_Expenses.xlsAccrued Expenses
009_Appendix_A_A-3_BalanceSheet.xlsxBalance Sheet
022_Appendix_A_A-8_Changes_in_Fixed_Assets.xlsChanges in Fixed Asset Accounts
017_Appendix_A_A-8_Delinquent_Tenant_Accounts.xlsDelinquent Tenant Accounts Receivable
020_5_Appendix_A_A-8_Development_Held_Reserves.xlsMortgage Reserve Funds - Development Held
020_Appendix_A_A-8_Misc_Reserves.xlsMortgage Reserve Funds - Miscellaneous Reserve
019_Appendix_A_A-8_Operating_Reserves.xlsMortgage Reserve Funds - Operating Reserve
018_Appendix_A_A-8_Replacement_Reserves.xlsmMortgage Reserve Funds - Reserve for Replacements
021_Appendix_A_A-8_Schedule_Funds.xlsSchedule of Funds in Financial Institutions
013_Appendix_A_A-6_Statement_Cash_Flows.xlsStatement of Cash Flows
012_Appendix_A_A-5_Statement_Changes_Owner_Equity.xlsStatement of Changes in Owner Equity
011_Appendix_AA-4_P-L.xlsxStatement of Profit and Loss
026_Appendix_A_A-8_Statement_of_Surplus_Cash.xlsStatement of Surplus Cash/Residual Receipts and Distributions


NOTE: You will need Adobe’s Acrobat Reader (.pdf), and/or Microsoft Office Software in order to view some of the documents on this page.

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