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Frequently Asked Questions about VHDA Rental Properties for Sale

For answers to your commonly asked questions about our for sale rental properties, just click a link below.
expand Do special restriction and conditions apply? 

Yes. In order to protect the interests of its bond owners, in some instances the VHDA financing in place immediately prior to foreclosure or deed-in-lieu must be assumed with the purchase of the property.

To further our mission, rental properties located in areas where there is a need for affordable housing may be sold with a condition that they be maintained as affordable for at least 15-20 years. In addition, some properties may be sold with conditions to lessen the impact of sale on existing tenants.

If VHDA is willing to provide any financing for the purchase, it will be noted in the related Notice of Sale.

expand Does VHDA use Brokers to sell their properties? 
expand How are properties advertised and sold? 

For sale owned properties are listed on our website under VHDA Multifamily Rental Property For Sale. A bid Information packet describing each property and any terms and conditions of sale (see Special Restrictions/Conditions below) will be included in the website listing.

We do maintain a mailing list of individuals and firms that have indicated a desire to be informed when a new property becomes available for sale. To be added to our mailing list and receive a Notice of Sale, please email

In addition to its financial impact upon VHDA, any proposal is also evaluated based on the impact on the community in which the development is located, as well as how the proposal aligns with our mission.

expand How can I get more information? 
expand What type of properties are available? 
From time to time, VHDA becomes the owner of record of multifamily rental properties. These rental housing projects vary in size and are located throughout Virginia. The properties can be comprised of apartments or townhouses on fixed or scattered sites and can also include elderly housing and housing for persons with disabilities.

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