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Reference Documents and Forms

Reference Documents and Forms for Completing VHDA’s LIHTC Application for Reservation

You will need the following reference documents and forms to complete your Application for Low Income Housing Tax Credits.

Note: VHDA forms for applicants seeking 9% credits may be different from VHDA forms for applicants seeking 4% credits. Please refer to the Tax Credit Manual for more information on the use and requirements of each item listed below.

To save a document to a disk or to your hard drive, mouse over the version of the file that you want, then right mouse click and select "Save Target As".


Locality Notification Information (submit by 1/27/2017 for Competitive and 4/1/2017 for Accessible Supportive Housing applications. Tax-Exempt Bond applications must submit 30 days prior to the application.)

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Revitalization Area Certification Guidelines.pdfRevitalization Area Certification Guidelines
2017 Surveyor Cert Prox to Transp.pdfSurveyor Cert of Proximity to Transportation
collapse vhda Tab Group : Tab C ‎(1)
Sample SCC Cert.pdfSample SCC Cert
collapse vhda Tab Group : Tab D ‎(1)
2017 Previous Participation Certification.docx2017 Previous Participation Certification
collapse vhda Tab Group : Tab E ‎(2)
2017 Nonprofit Questionnaire.pdfNonprofit Questionnaire
2017 Nonprofit Questionnaire-SUPPLEMENTAL DOCUMENTATION.pdfNonprofit Questionnaire-Supplemental Documentation
collapse vhda Tab Group : Tab F ‎(2)
Arch Cert SF Diagrams.pdfExamples of Sq. Footage Calculations
Architect Certification.xlsxArchitect Certification
collapse vhda Tab Group : Tab G ‎(1)
2017 Relocation Assistance Guidelines.pdfRelocation Assistance Guidelines
collapse vhda Tab Group : Tab H ‎(1)
2017 PHA or Sec 8 Notification.pdf2017 PHA or Sec 8 Notification
collapse vhda Tab Group : Tab I ‎(2)
2017 AMT Locality CEO Letter.docxAMT Locality CEO Letter
2017 Local CEO Letter.pdf2017 Local CEO Letter
collapse vhda Tab Group : Tab L ‎(1)
2017 Plan of Dev Certification.pdfPlan of Development Certification
collapse vhda Tab Group : Tab M ‎(1)
2017 Zoning Certification.pdfZoning Certification
collapse vhda Tab Group : Tab O ‎(1)
2017 List of LIHTC Developments (Schedule A).xlsxList of LIHTC Developments
Schedule A
collapse vhda Tab Group : Tab S ‎(1)
Permanent Supportive Housing Services Certification.pdfPermanent Supportive Housing Services Certification
collapse vhda Tab Group : Tab W ‎(2)
2017 AMTAttorneysOpinion.docxAttorney’s Opinion Letter (Tax Exempt Apps.)
Original Attorney's Opinion (Mandatory)
2017 Attorney's Opinion Letter.docxAttorney's Opinion Letter
collapse vhda Document Group :  ‎(3)
AMENITIES.SUBMITTAL.FORM.01.24.2017.docAmenities Submittal Form
VHDA Change Request Form 2016.docxVHDA LIHTC Change Request Form
Year 15 Qualified Contracts Procedure.pdfYear 15 Qualified Contracts Procedure
collapse vhda Document Group : EUR Calculations ‎(3)
2016_COST_PER_UNIT Example.pdfCost Per Unit Example
2016_CREDIT_PER_UNIT Example.pdfCredit Per Unit Example
2016_REHAB_PARAMETER Example.pdfRehab Parameter Example
collapse vhda Document Group : Parameters ‎(8)
EUR 1 Story Elderly Cost.pdfEUR 1 Story Elderly Cost
EUR 1 Story Elderly Credit.pdfEUR 1 Story Elderly Credit
EUR Elderly Cost.pdfEUR Elderly Cost
EUR Elderly Credit.pdfEUR Elderly Credit
EUR General Garden Cost.pdfEUR General Garden Cost
EUR General Garden Credit.pdfEUR General Garden Credit
EUR General Townhouse Cost.pdfEUR General Townhouse Cost
EUR General Townhouse Credit.pdfEUR General Townhouse Credit
collapse vhda Document Group : QCT Lists ‎(3)
2017 QCT DDAs.pdf2017 Qualified Census Tracts & DDA's Effective January 1, 2017
CensusTracts 70pct with incomes below 80pct statewide median income.pdfCensus Tracts 70pct with Incomes Below 80pct Statewide Median Income
poverty by census tract.pdfCensus tracts with less than 10% poverty


NOTE: You will need Adobe’s Acrobat Reader (.pdf), Microsoft Word Viewer (.doc), Microsoft Power Point Viewer (.ppt), or Microsoft Excel Viewer (.xls) in order to view some of the documents on this page.

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