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Universal Design and Fair Housing

VHDA recognizes the need to create accessible housing that is usable by all people to the greatest extent possible while maintaining aesthetics and affordability.  Universal Design has emerged as a set of design features that enhance the usability and marketability of such units.  VHDA provides specific incentives for developers wishing to use these features to create accessible spaces that serve the needs of people with disabilities and an aging population.


Please refer to the Tax Credit Manual for details on how to obtain amenity points for Universal Design.



VHDA offers a Universal Design seminar twice a year.  Design professionals attending the seminar will be added to VHDA’s Universal Design Certificate Holder List.  In order to qualify for Universal Design amenity points based upon the Qualified Allocation Plan for Virginia’s Low Income Housing Tax Credits, design professionals must be current certificate holders and their projects are required to meet the VHDA Universal Design Guidelines from the application year. Click HERE for the Tax Credit Allocation Event calendar which will indicate future UD Seminar dates.  You may registration online for the event.  Certificate holders who last completed a VHDA Universal Design Seminar prior to January 1, 2014 must re-attend in order to remain current.


2015-10-28_2016 UD Checklist.pdf2016 Universal Design Checklist12/22/2015
2015-10-28_2016 UD Guidelines.pdf2016 Universal Design Guidlines12/22/2015
2017 UD Checklist.pdf2017 Universal Design Checklist11/15/2016
2017 UD Guidelines.pdf2017 Universal Design Guidelines11/15/2016
2018 UD Checklist.pdf2018 Universal Design Checklist2/6/2018
2018 UD Guidelines.pdf2018 Universal Design Guidelines2/6/2018
2019 UD Checklist.pdf2019 Universal Design Checklist1/15/2019
2019 UD Guidelines.pdf2019 Universal Design Guidelines1/15/2019
2017 Sample UD Site Plan.pdfSample UD Plan Submission11/15/2016
82919 - Universal Design Certificate Holder List - PDF.pdfUniversal Design Certificate Holder List 8/29/2019


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