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 LIHTC 4% TEB Applications and Market Studies

Documents below open in new window. Please note that the Tax Exempt Bond Applications shown below are as submitted and may not reflect changes that were required for issuance of the 42M letter.


There are no items to show in this view of the "LIHTC 4 Percent TEB Applications and Market Studies" document library.
Baker School Apartments - Reservation Application.pdfBaker School Apartments
Baker School Apartments - Market Study.pdfBaker School Apartments - Market Study
Cambridge Village - Reservation Application.pdfCambridge Village
Cambridge Village - Market Study.pdfCambridge Village - Market Study
Derby Run Apartments - Reservation Application.pdfDerby Run
Derby Run - Market Study.pdfDerby Run - Market Study
Fairfax Village - Reservation Application.pdfFairfax Village
Fairfair Village - Market Study.pdfFairfax Village - Market Study
Henrico Arms - Reservation Application.pdfHenrico Arms
Henrico Arms - Market Study.pdfHenrico Arms - Market Study
New Lake Anne - Reservation Application.pdfNew Lake Anne
New Lake Anne - Market Study.pdfNew Lake Anne - Market Study
Palmer's Creek - Market Study.pdfPalmer's Creek - Market Study
Palmer's Creek Apartments - Reservation Application.pdfPalmer's Creek Apartments
Sycamore Towers Apartments - Reservation Application.pdfSycamore Towers Apartments
Sycamore Towers Apartments - Market Study.pdfSycamore Towers Apartments - Market Study
The Arden B - Reservation Application.pdfThe Arden Building B
The Arden Building B - Market Study.pdfThe Arden Building B - Market Study
The Foundry Apartments - Reservation Application.pdfThe Foundry Apartments
The Foundry Apartments - Market Study.pdfThe Foundry Apartments - Market Study
The Heights at Jackson Village - Reservation Application.pdfThe Heights at Jackson VIllage
The Heights at Jackson Village - Market Study.pdfThe Heights at Jackson Village - Market Study
White Marsh at Eagle Landing - Market Study.pdfWhite Marsh at Eagle Landing - Market Study
White Marsh at Eagle Landing - Reservation Application.pdfWhite Marsh Pointe at Eagle Landing
Woodland Crossing - Reservation Application.pdfWoodland Crossing
Woodland Crossing - Market Study.pdfWoodland Crossing - Market Study
Aero-Apartment-PhaseII.pdfAero Apartment Homes Phase II aka Town Center Apts
Aero Apartment Homes II aka Town Center Apts Phase II - Market Study.pdfAero Apartment Homes Phase II aka Town Center Apts - Market Study
Aleaxander-1090.pdfAlexander at 1090
Alexander at 1090 -  Market Study.pdfAlexander at 1090 - Market Study
Ashburn-ChaseII.pdfAshburn Chase II
Ashburn Chase II - Market Study.pdfAshburn Chase II - Market Study
Church-Hill-North-Phase1B.pdfChurch Hill North Phase 1B
Church Hill North Phase 1B - Market Study.pdfChurch Hill North Phase 1B - Market Study
Colonial-Village-West.pdfColonial Village West
Colonial Village West - Market Study.pdfColonial Village West - Market Study
Culpepper-GardenI.pdfCulpepper Garden I
Culpepper Garden I Market Study.pdfCulpepper Garden I Market Study
Greene-Hills.pdfGreene Hills Estates
Greene Hill Estates - Market Study.pdfGreene Hills Estates - Market Study
Heritage-Acres.pdfHeritage Acres
Heritage Acres - Market Study.pdfHeritage Acres - Market Study
Hope-Village.pdfHope Village
Hope Village - Market Study.pdfHope Village - Market Study
Ivy-Farms.pdfIvy Farms
Ivy Farms - Market Study.pdfIvy Farms - Market Study
Market-SquareV.pdfMarket Square V
Market Square V - Market Study.pdfMarket Square V - Market Study
Massanutten-Manor.pdfMassanutten Manor
Massanutten Manor Market Study.pdfMassanutten Manor - Market Study
Murraygate-Village-Apt.pdfMurraygate Village Apartments
Murraygate Market Study.pdfMurraygate Village Apartments - Market Study
New Manchester-Flats.pdfNew Manchester Flats V-4
Market Study - NMF V-4. EAJoseph. 9-23-18.pdfNew Manchester Flats V-4 - Market Study
Newport-Harbour.pdfNewport Harbour
Newport Harbour - Market Study.pdfNewport Harbour - Market Study
Orchard-Ridge.pdfOrchard Ridge at Jackson Village II
Orchard Ridge at Jackson Village II_Market Study.pdfOrchard Ridge at Jackson Village II - Market Study
Parkwood-Apartments.pdfParkwood Apartments
Parkwood Market Study.pdfParkwood Apartments - Market Study
Petersburg-Artist-Space.pdfPetersburg Artist Space
Petersburg Artspace- Market Study.pdfPetersburg Artspace - Market Study
Queens-Court-North.pdfQueens Court North
Queens Court North - Market Study.pdfQueens Court North - Market Study
RenaissanceII.pdfRenaissance II
Renaissance II - Market Study.pdfRenaissance II - Market Study
Riverbend.pdfRiverbend Apartments Phase III
Riverbend Apartments Phase III - Market Study.pdfRiverbend Apartments Phase III - Market Study
Robert-Regan-Village.pdfRobert Regan Village
Robert Regan Village Market Study.pdfRobert Regan Village - Market Study
Royal-Arms.pdfRoyal Arms
Royal Arms - Market Study.pdfRoyal Arms - Market Study
SPA-Lofts.pdfSPA Lofts
SPA Lofts - Market Study.pdfSPA Lofts - Market Study
St. Luke - Market Study.pdfSt. Luke - Market Study
St. Luke Apartments.pdfSt. Luke Apartments
Sunset-Hampton.pdfSunset Hampton
Sunset Hampton - Market Study.pdfSunset Hampton - Market Study
Belt-Atlantic.pdfThe Belt Atlantic
The Belt Atlantic- Market Study.pdfThe Belt Atlantic- Market Study
BerkeleyII.pdfThe Berkeley II
The Berkley II - Market Study.pdfThe Berkeley II - Market Study
Carlin.pdfThe Carlin
The Carlin - Market Study.pdfThe Carlin - Market Study
Residences-North-Hill47.pdfThe Residences at North Hill 47
The Residences at North Hill  47 Market Study.pdfThe Residences at North Hill 47 - Market Study
Residences-North-Hill-Bond-94.pdfThe Residences at North Hill Bond 94
The Residences at North Hill Bond 94 - Market Study.pdfThe Residences at North Hill Bond 94 - Market Study
Retreat-Harbor-Pointe.pdfThe Retreat at Harbor Pointe
The Retreat at Harbor Pointe - Market Study.pdfThe Retreat at Harbor Pointe - Market Study
Whittaker-Place.pdfWhittaker Place
Whittaker Place - Market Study.pdfWhittaker Place - Market Study
Willow-View.pdfWillow View Townhomes
Willow View Townhomes - Market Study.pdfWillow View Townhomes - Market Study



NOTE: You will need Adobe’s Acrobat Reader (.pdf), and/or Microsoft Office Software in order to view some of the documents on this page.

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