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eNews and Press Releases

6/13/2016Governor McAuliffe Recognizes Virginia Homeownership Month
5/18/2016Clase de VHDA Para compradores de vivienda de primera vez en español.
5/18/2016VHDA Homeownership Education Class Offered in Spanish
4/18/2016Free VHDA Homeownership Classes Set For Hampton Roads in May
4/18/2016Free VHDA Homeownership Classes Set For Northern Virginia in May
4/18/2016Free VHDA Homeownership Classes Set For Central Virginia in May
1/15/2016Free VHDA Homeownership Classes Set For Northern Virginia in February
1/14/2016Free VHDA Homeownership Classes Set For Hampton Roads in February
1/13/2016Free VHDA Homeownership Classes Set For Central Virginia in February
12/28/2015Free VHDA Homeownership Classes Set For Hampton Roads In January

News Clips

CNBC, Wednesday, August 24, 2016
(RECAP: Wall Street now believes there's a better chance of a September Fed hike, thanks to a rising benchmark interest rate that some experts believe will influence the central bank. The three-month London Interbank Offered Rate — more commonly known as Libor — is around the highest level it's been since May 2009. The rate represents how much banks around the world charge each other for short-term loans, and helps determine global rates as well. While Libor had been dwelling below 0.3 percent for more than two years, it began rising a year ago and has been climbing steadily since late 2015. Much of the gain can be attributed to money market regulatory changes happening in October that are pushing on short-term rates. However, there could be more to it. Some experts believe it's a telltale sign that the Fed could get pushed into hiking rates before it wants to and before much of the market expects it to.)
MarketWatch , Wednesday, August 24, 2016
(RECAP: Millennials are often described as prioritizing leisure and entertainment, but many are going into debt to fund them. Most financial planners caution homeowners against using home-equity loans to fund short-term expenses, including vacations. Yet that is the most popular use of the money for the more than half of U.S. homeowners between the ages of 30 and 34 who have owned a home for three years or more and have taken out a home-equity loan, according to results of a Discover Home Equity Loans survey, released on Wednesday. Only 29.4% of those between 35 and 44, 19.9% of those between 45 and 54, 25.7% of those between 55 and 64, and 22.3% of those 65 and older also said they took out a home-equity loan against their home. The results come from a survey of 1,428 consumers, conducted earlier this year.)
Daily Press , Monday, August 22, 2016
(RECAP: A subsidized-rent high-rise on the Newport News waterfront, tagged as a rundown hot spot for crime by city officials, still looks like a good investment to the Boston developer that wants to invest more than $20 million to buy and modernize it. Meanwhile, city officials' opposition to a renovation and their criticism of the building and its residents has upset the largely elderly and disabled residents, the building's manager said. Mayor McKinley Price and Vice Mayor Tina Vick say it creates a concentration of poverty that brings crime and hinders the city's hopes to revitalize the Southeast Community. But it's a picture that doesn't jibe with what the current owner and Weston Associates, the Boston firm that wants to buy it, see when they look at Ivy Tower.)
The Virginian-Pilot, Tuesday, August 23, 2016
(RECAP: Residents who couldn’t attend focus groups at the beginning of August have another chance to share their thoughts for Virginia Beach’s first comprehensive housing study in 10 years. An Alexandria-based consulting group and The Virginia Center for Housing Research at Virginia Tech is heading up the study and have launched an anonymous online survey to collect demographic information and a way to share other comments, through a virtual town hall website. It asks questions about how long a resident has lived in the city, where they live and if they think the city does enough to attract young homebuyers, among other topics.)
The MReport , Tuesday, August 23, 2016
(RECAP: New single-family home sales took a notable upturn in July, with the month becoming the best month for new sales since 2007, according to HUD and the U.S. Census Bureau. The HUD/Census report showed that July sales leapt 12.4 percent over June, which recorded 582,000 sales, and 31.3 percent above last July. The median sales price of new houses sold in July was $294,600; the average sales price was $355,800. July’s numbers are the latest in a steady trend toward more new home sales overall, and some industry insiders think the trend is only going to continue.)


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